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Jul 09, 2010


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lil' leeser

Amen! I'm right behind you! I spent Saturday (my first day of in who knows how long) playing housewife! I even texted david at work saying, "honey i love getting to play housewife all day!" I cleaned and scrubbed and made everything sparkle, the laundry done and folded, and spend the rest of the time in the kitchen making all sorts of yummy food from scratch with the crock pot, stove, and oven going all at once. Needless to say, it was over 100 degrees in the kitchen, but it was sheer joy and pleasure for me! I love that the female generation before us laid the path for us gals to be able to do WHATEVER career we choose.....but in the end, the kitchen is where I often choose to be in my free time : )

And tomorrow it's back to work......

Did I mention I'm addicted to your blog? You are an amazing writer



...says the doctor! I love it. Thanks for your comment:)

Have I ever told you that I brag about you all the time? I'll mention your name and say, "you know, my DOCTOR friend..." You can do it all: work nonstop at the hospital and then whip up a souffle? Well, played, Ham.

LOVE that you enjoy the blog... means a lot! Thank you... xo

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