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Jun 15, 2010


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katie f

im on the same track with you here, after practising buddhist meditation for a while i started doing prostrations (very similar to sun salutations) every morning and it definitely starts the day off right: sweat, stretches, mindful centered-ness...

its definitely improved my flexibility, endurance and concentration :)


hi katie,
how disciplined of you to do prostrations on your own every morning... i can only imagine how great you feel throughout the day! you're inspiring me, katie...i tend to let my alarm go off for a solid hour before rolling out of bed. decidedly un-zen of me. thanks for your note! x saskatch

p.s. love your blog!!

lil' leeser

sad to say...yoga stresses me out!! So so sad. Maybe one day when I can enjoy it and that will be wonderful : ) Maybe it's because I'm scared I might fart the whole time......hehehehe


i say, just let yourself go... and blame the person next to you. ;)

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