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Jun 16, 2010


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That's my girl!!! So proud of you. Next adventure...the Sierra! Come and play. The Katydid is all set to backpack too! We don't have the dreaded oak but we do have mountain lions and bears!

Is that first photo a stock shot or are you climbing too?


YES! In fact, we are planning some sort of backpacking trip in the Sierras this summer. Would you be interested in joining? And katydid, too!

Honestly, after being hit with oak four times already this season, bears and mountain lions would be a welcome change;)

Let's hike! xoxo, me.

p.s. I haven't tried climbing yet...

Deelish Dish

Omg, that story scared me. I would have cried, sat down, and refused to move. Or I would have banged sticks together to keep the mountain lions away. You're my hero!

lil' leeser

If you got bit by a Rattler, then maybe they would send you to my ER (we are the VENOM ER from TV, did you know that? actually had a snake bite this night that came in. It would make me happy cause then I would get to see you!!


leeser: If you promise to save me, I'd gladly take a rattler bite to see you.


I love this post katch... you are such a vivid writer...and sasbeaux owes you some serious slack on future hikes! Way to not die!!!

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