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Apr 17, 2010


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You moved? With the girl roommates? Wow! Love the name Corvus only because of how it came to be. You two are too right for each other. Kinda scary.

I was about to write you and tell you to write, but here you are reading my mind. Us stay at home moms (and I'm sure procrastinating worker bees) need their blog fix.

Deelish Dish

Aww, it's your love fern. Yay Corvus!


Ash: We're actually moving into our OWN, real-life grown-up pad! But until May 1, I'm squatting at his place with his roommates. His girl roommates.

Hey, when are you going to start a blog? I want to read about your life! Or we could just catch up, like, on the phone! ;)

Deelish Dish: I should have footnoted you for "love fern"... you clever minx.


My favorite part is the image of a box with a bird freaking out inside moving around... "we have to get a cage" haha

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