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Here are some basics about meeeee:
-I live in Santa Barbara.
-I learned Norwegian in college, and though I've completely forgotten it, I still claim the skill because who knows Norwegian?
-I bake to relieve tension. And to woo.
-I love to travel. Foreign smells, cultures, landscapes, languages, food, and people turn me on.
-I have crooked pinkies, which I'm told is a SURE sign that I was a gypsy thief in a past life. This explains so much.
-I'm an exceptional scary story teller—I've made two people cry from said tales, and I take far too much joy in the experience for it to be healthy. Henceforth, I'll try to keep 'em PG13.
-I once willingly got into a dryer because I was told it would be like a roller coaster. A HOT one, as it turned out.
-I have an uncanny knack for memorizing movie quotes and show tune lyrics on first listen. This is not at all useful, but a riot at parties!