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Sep 24, 2009


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Deelish Dish

I just added The Piano soundtrack to my Amazon cart. And now I shall curl up in a ball and cry until the rain starts. Sweet Jebus, I love this time of year!


I hear that, sister. High five, chest bump!


Just to clarify, I'm not really sipping on the autumn hatorade - I just have a hard time with September... between school starting when I was little and the lack of a really fun holiday (yes, there's the Jewish new year... but 3 hours in temple? NOT FUN) to at least soften the blow of the end of summer, it's like a complete waste of a month. Plus, as you mentioned, the crisp, coziness doesn't really set in until October. It's about 90 degrees right now. But for the record, Halloween is like the highlight of my year and Thanksgiving food is my favorite kind of food, so yes, we can agree that fall certainly has it's selling points. PS - I start planning my Halloween costume like the day after Halloween... it's like a full year lead up.


Don't i know it.. Varuka Salt! Genius! What's on tap this year??


It's sort of dependent on ebay for the perfect coat BUT ... circus ringmaster a la Britney Spears - think red coat with tails, top hat, whip, boots... and fishnets naturally... I'll be in WeHo so it felt appropriate.

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